Healers & Entrepreneurs

Want to make a difference? You'll need more than just a plan & a prayer.

You cannot run an impactful, sustainable business on affirmations and buzzwords alone.

Intuitive entrepreneurs must master not only the tools required for healing and growth, but also solid, time-tested, and ethical marketing and sales tools in order to blossom.

Is our community right for you?

This circle is far from a one-size-fits-all “do what I did and get rich” program. It’s an opportunity to grow your gifts and your bank account simultaneously, surrounded by other magical changemakers.

Your Guides on This Journey

Caitlin Dianna is an Intuitive Guide, energy healer, serial entrepreneur, time line catalyst and possibility creator extraordinaire! Caitlin calls Edmonton, Alberta home base, but travels throughout North America for workshops, retreats and group events. Whether you require personal healing sessions to help you move forward in your life,  want your healing business to thrive, or desire to learn how to do what she (you!) can do, Caitlin has a class for that.

For almost a decade, Annie P. Ruggles, The Idea Doula, has harnessed her Hulk-like disdain for hard-sales, tacky self-promotion, and overly competitive douche-bRaggery as inspiration to help people find better ways to grow their small bizzes.  She's guided hundreds of people toward making deeper connections, lasting impressions, and friendlier, more lucrative products.

Annie is based in Chicago (but hates deep dish pizza so don't ask).

What's on the inside of the Inner Circle?

2 Monthly Gatherings

In our virtual circle, a new topic will be presented each month. We'll meet twice on Monday evenings – once to work some major magic, clear what needs clearing, and hone intuitive insights. Once to personalize and practice the monthly strategies, perfect pitches, and plan ahead. 

This is NOT a cookie-cutter experience so bring your burning questions to be answered in our live Q & A portions.

Powerful, Personalizable Strategies

Each month, we'll guide you through one key area of entrepreneurship (and #entrepreality), deep diving into winning strategies that have made us money, kept us sane, and helped us stand apart. 

We'll cover it all – from funnels to finances, burnout to buying habits, competition to collaboration – so you can get ahead and stay there.


An Ever-Growing Library

Your library of options will continue to expand with meditations, marketing workshops, and more! Access your online membership portal anytime.



We are positively obsessed with your success. Most "guru" types never learn your name, but that's not how we roll. Our peer led community is a sacred and strategic space for you to ask questions about the material, share insights, and bask in the love and support of a whole bunch of wacky, magical women. 

Take the leap.

Dive into our monthly or yearly membership options

"Caitlin's page found me. She is so clear and honest about what she feels and what energy is telling her about you. She doesn't fluff it up but she is definitely a positive and supportive force. Being near her energy makes yours perk up and want to 'play in the sandbox'. Very clear communicator and objective listener. she helps you understand parts of yourself you didn't know were there. Caitlin rocks my socks!"

Krystal V.

"I have had so much fun learning marketing and sales angles. They bring so much laughter and fun with direct and clear information. Their collaborated knowledge really helped guide me and keep me in the direction that was best for my project. I love working with this amazing duo!"

Nicole B.

"Together Caitlin and Annie make a phenomenal team! They each have the ability to kick some ass when required and to reframe failure into valuable lessons that can be profited from in future. The common theme of having fun while you do business is a core belief of this team and something they have encouraged me to embrace. Inviting, challenging and pushing my true self to stand in my power and show up fully in my business has been the biggest gamechanger they have shared. Annie & Caitlin are consistent and vocal in allowing us to create our own path and take inspired action. This has been heartwarming and enlightening and feels so much more authentic than being pushed and squeezed into a cookie cutter recipe that isn't in alignment with who I be. I will be forever grateful for the insights, guidance, and motivation they have shared!"

Denise R.

"I just loved the support and knowledge I received from this amazing team. The daily challenges really helped to move me forward and kept me focused. Caitlin & Annie together are so full of energy with a fun yet serious twist. They both bring their own knowledge and experience to the table with your best interest in mind. These two ladies want to see you succeed at whatever your business venture is. They can also hand out the ass-kicking when needed. I had a very successful product launch this past weekend with the highest numbers I’ve had this year. I have already recommended them to other business owners in my circle. Totally worth the investment! Thank you Caitlin & Annie"

Samantha Frisk

Benefits of Membership

more than a subscription service

  • You'll be supported by Caitlin, Annie, and some of our favourite humans so your questions never go unanswered
  • Surround yourself with people all working towards a similar goal of raising their vibe, looking to make their impact, and get paid. 
  • Receive the guidance and tools that the top channellers & healers use daily in their practices AND the time-testing methods and tricks we've used to make mega money for ourselves and our clients.
  • Direct access to both of your instructors in our monthly virtual classroom and the ability to have priority status for your pressing questions
  • Your own library for all materials, downloads & replays in an easy to search format
  • 10% off any course, class or retreat hosted by Magic Beyond Boundaries Inc or The Idea Doula.

Two Ways to Play

Whether you choose a month to month or yearly membership, you're getting the same great content!

A Note From Caitlin & Annie...

So, why the heck are we doing this? Well, in short, because the world needs your gifts but this entrepreneurship thing can be a really confusing drag.

In our own businesses, we've experienced the palpable power of community first hand. It's amazing what you can clarify and accomplish when someone has your back.

We are so excited to be bridging the gap between intuition and action for all who are looking to serve.  We look forward to leading you in our signature sasstacular style.

See you on the inside!
XO Caitlin + Annie

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